Tube 200 ml After-sun refreshing treatment To calm redness and irritationDamaged skin Post-treatment carePost-shave refreshing treatment
  • Purifying Scrub
    Tube 200ml Combination to oily skin Acne prone skin
  • Nutritive Scrub
    Tube 200 ml Removes dead superficial cells Smoothes and nourishes dry and sensitive skin Helps to renovate skin Provides whitening and purifying effect
  • Energizing Cleanser
    Bottle with dispenser 200 ml Cleans and purifies skinImproves skin appearance Optimises skin permeabilityPromotes the absorption and response to cosmetic treatments
  • Purifying Cleanser
    200 ml Bottle with dispenser Suitable for oily skins with pimples Comedones, enlarged pores and dehydrated skin
  • Spot Out Kit Plus
    Kit Depigmentation Spots of melanic origin
  • Aquabalance Cream PRO
    Tube 200 ml Young skin (biological age up to 35) Mild and moderate wrinkles Fine lines and superficial wrinkles Dehydrated skin Sensitive skin
  • Sun Protection Cream PRO
    Tube 200 ml Protects against UVA and UVB Powerful antioxidant effectsStimulates skin regeneration Keeps skin hydrated
  • Antiaging Peel off mask
    30gr Sachet Ageing skins