• 15 ampoules x 2 mlAged skinsSkins with wrinkles
  • Radiance Cocktail (2x10ml vials)WCPR (2x5ml vials)TKN HA MW 2%Indicated to correct existing tone irregularities, unifying skin colouration and providing brightness
  • Hair Cocktail Plus (3x10ml vials)HCPR (2x10ml vials)Indicated to stimulate hair growth, improving and correcting the different types of hair loss
  • Localized Cellulite Cocktail (2x10ml vials)Slimming Cocktail (2x10ml vials)Firming Cocktail (1x10ml vial)Indicated to improve and correct localised fat deposits and cel
  • 15 ampoules x 2 mlFor skins exposed to environmental pollutants