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  • 20 x 2ml Ampoule Cellulite I-III gradesFlaccidityTissue edema
  • 20 x 5ml Ampoule Flaccidity Lack of tissue elasticity and flexibility Adjuvant in anti-ageing therapy
  • 20 x 5ml Ampoule Facial firming Body saggingAdjuvant in anti-ageing therapy
  • 20 x 2ml Ampoule Chrono-ageingFlaccidityDehydrated skin
  • 20 x 2ml Ampoule Cellulite I-III grades Skin ageing with FlaccidityLoss of fatty tissue (tissue elasticity and flexibility)
  • 10 x 10ml Vial Flaccidity Anti-ageing Hair-loss Cellulite
  • 20 x 2ml Ampoules Dry and dehydrated skin Damaged skin (stress, tobacco, hormonal changes, sun) Dull skin Lack of volume
  • 10 x 10ml Vial Anti-ageing Firming Moisturising Revitalising treatment Mild and moderate wrinkles FlaccidityBiological age <45 years
  • 10 x 10 ml Vial Advanced and severe wrinkles Flaccidity Biological age 45+