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  • 20 x 2 ml Ampoule CelluliteI-IV grades
  • 20 x 5ml Ampoule Cellulite I-III grades Flaccidity
  • 20 x 5 ml Ampoule Cellulite III-IV grades Localised cellulite
  • 10 x 10ml Vial Spongy Cellulite Cellulite grade I-III Double chin
  • 10 x 10ml Vial Localised cellulite Cellulite grades III-IV Anti-cellullite / Firming treatment
  • 20 x 10ml Vial Reduces fat accumulation Lipolytic Thermogenic
  • Tube 200 ml Spongy cellulite Cellulite grades I-III
  • Localized Cellulite Cocktail (2x10ml vials)Slimming Cocktail (2x10ml vials)Firming Cocktail (1x10ml vial)Indicated to improve and correct localised fat deposits and cel